Museums and Monuments




It was created by the members of the Cultural Club of the Lafkiots “Drasi”. Essentially it displays a collection of donations from the locals of Lafkos, with objects and tools that were used in daily life prior to modern times.

Radio Museum


It is one of the only two radio museums found in all of Greece.  It first opened on October 28th 2008.  There is a collection of about 130 radios, of which 100 were donated by the philhellene German professor of electrical engineering, Wilfred Scheps.  He owns 2,000 radios, 100 of which he donated to our museum.  The idea for the Radio Museum came about one evening when Scheps and the members of the Cultural Club of the Lafkiots “Drasi” were drinking wine together.  

Then Dimitris Piatas, actor and councilman at the time of the Municipality of Athens, proposed to the municipality to financially contribute the museum.  The late Antonis Tavanis had undertaken the negotiations with the Municipality of Athens, however 2 days before his meeting with the Athenian representatives he left his last breath due to a sudden heart ache.  Wilfred Scheps suggested that the Radio Museum be dedicated in his memory and be named
“Antonis Tavanis”.   

Fabas Museum

ΦΑΜΠΕΙΟ ΜΟΥΣΕΙΟ-λαύκος-πήλιο

Founded in 2005 in honor of artist Athanasios Fabas (1922-2011).  Within the museum there are paintings on display, in which a woman figure dominates, along with sculptures donated by the artist.




One of the biggest squares in Pelion, characterized by its towering centuries old plane trees which offer shade and cool air during hot summer days. Surrounding the square are restaurants with traditional Pelion cuisine and the traditional café which has been operating since 1785.




The first fountain, with the towering plane tree which was already existent when the first inhabitants permanently settled around it. It was from this fountain that locals were supplied with water before plumbing with a water supply system was established.


Built in 1910 in the area “Livadakia” (little meadows). It got its name from the “toulouba” (pump) which existed there. The water originates from the areas of Skoura and Staki. In 1913 a plane tree was planted by N. Papaioannou and I. Xiradakis and can still be seen today, offering cool shade to those who wish to rest.



Built in 1994 by the locals, who named it “central” being that is it found in the town square, which is in the center of the town.


Built between 1903-1904 near the church of Saint Paraskevi.  It was at this fountain that the locals washed their clothes.



Constructed in 1800 by the locals of Lafkos.  It got its name from a local named Hatzis.  Access to the fountain is through a beautiful path in the local natural environment.

Stone paved streets


Made by the well-known technicians of Lafkos. It is perfect for never ending walks among the old mansions and the white washed courtyards, and with a view of the Pagasetic Gulf.

Runway for Model Aircraft


In the area of Prophet Elias where it is in use during the summer months.