While visiting Lafkos, you can admire a series of sights and enjoy some really beautiful beaches.


When you visit Lafkos, you are surrounded by welcoming atmosphere and whole new experiences with strong impact.

A significant village in the area, Lafkos is located at the peak along the ridge of South Pelion, 310 meters above sea level with a panoramic view of the Pagasetic Gulf. It is accessible from the village of Metohi or from the coastal road through the village of Milina when coming from the city of Volos.It is 54 km from Volos. It is a distinct village, with a large and impressive plaza, stone fountains and cobblestone streets in which visitors can discover mansions with typical Pelion style architecture.Reminiscing walks through the booming neighborhoods of Lafkos while smelling the lovely scents from the courtyards and from the herbs that flourish in every corner of Lafkos and all of Pelion, is the most beautiful memory a visitor will bring home with themselves.


In Lafkos Wellness and Enterntainment complement one another.