Music and Theatre Events

Cultural Club of Lafkiots “Drasi”

The Cultural Club of Lafkiots “Drasi” was founded in 1976 by the local youth in order to enhance the cultural development of the area. The managing committee was established as well as the aim of the association.The committee began, organizing music events with large turnouts, and organizing the first festive event for New Year’s which included a theatrical performance, Saint Claus and sharing gifts. This event has continued to this day.

The club didn’t stop at events, but also founded one of the few folk museums, collecting various items regarding agricultural activities. It also created a library with more than 2,500 volumes of reading material.

Furthermore, wanting to preserve local traditions, they collected information regarding the customs and traditions of Lafkos which they provided for writing the book “Lafkos, the Chief-Town of South Pelion”.

The club continues its activities to this day with the local youth maintaining the customs and traditions through its cultural activity, the musical school “Dimitris Fabas”, the traditional dance group and the junior and senior theatrical teams.


- Musical School “Dimitrios Fabas” -

It was founded on November 10th 1999 and its first teacher was Theodoros Koutsovaggelis, a scholar with immense knowledge in music education, many degrees, successful musical records and knowledge of many musical instruments such as guitar, violin and bouzouki. The school began with lessons three times a week with 35 students from Lafkos and the surrounding villages. A total of 375 children with 2-3 years of study and the ability to write and read musical notes, pentagram and solfège have studied at the school. It is dedicated to the great musician Dimitris Fabas.

- Traditional Dance Group -

Founded in 1999 with both women and men students from Lafkos.  It has been involved in many events both within and outside of Lafkos.  After 2 years of inactivity, it was recently revived and currently (2016) has 16 members.  The dancers’ costumes are traditional Pelion clothes.  

- Theatrical Team -

The theatrical team exists from 1976.  It is divided between two sections, the junior team which performs every New Year’s Eve and the senior team which performs a play every Carnival, offering moments of joy to the locals.   


- New Year’s Eve Play -

The junior team of the theatrical group, puts on a play as part of the holiday festivities of the cultural club.  All the locals gather where the event is held to enjoy the young protagonists.  After the play, everyone celebrates the New Year; the cultural club gives out gifts and cuts an enormous “vasilopita” (Greek New Year’s bread) which is shared with those present.

- Theatrical Play on the Eve of the end of Carnival (moveable date) -

The senior division of the theatrical team puts on a play to entertain the locals as well as those visiting Lafkos during the Carnival.   


- Gathering of Cultures -

An event to spread and preserve Greek traditional dances and music was organized for the first time on June 18th and 19th 2016 with participation from 12 dance groups from all over Pelion and Volos.  The event will be hosted annually on the 3 day weekend of the holiday of the Holy Spirit (40 days after Easter).  In 2017 the event has been programmed for June 3rd and 4th.   

- Various Music Events -

Throughout the year, many musical events are held with remarkable artists. The events are advertised on the cultural club’s Facebook page.

- Concert by the Musical School “Dimitrios Fabas” -

At the end of the school year, an event is held in the town square, where the students present what they have been taught.    

- Dance Events -

The traditional dance group of the club present traditional Pelion dances on festive celebrations for the national holidays on March 25th (Greek independence day) and October 28th (celebrating the beginning of the successful Greek denial of the Italian invasion in WWII) .  The dance group also performs in many other events throughout the year.