Festivals and Social Events


- Festival of Saint Athanasios May 1st and 2nd -

On May 1st, the eve of the holiday, the monastery of Saint Athanasios is opened and there is a liturgy with “artoklasia” (the cutting and sharing of bread performed in Orthodox Christian services). Afterwards food is offered which is prepared by the local women with generous donations of meat from local shepherds. The locals also bring Greek barbecues in the Monastery’s courtyard. Afterwards there is a celebration in the 3 large dining rooms found within the monastery’s halls. The following morning there is a church service followed by coffee, food and more celebrations. In the afternoon the priest along with the locals return the icon of Saint Athanasios to the main church in Lafkos.

- Festival of Saint Nicholas of Vounena May 9th -

On the morning of the holiday, a church service is carried out in the chapel of Saint Nicholas which is found outside of Lafkos amongst olive groves. The locals bring various homemade dishes and barbecue in the area surrounding the chapel. A celebration follows with live music and the festival ends in the town square with a final dance.

- Festival of Prophet Elias July 20th -

In the afternoon on the eve of the holiday there is a church service in the chapel with “artoklasia” and a celebration follows.

- Festival of Saint Paraskevi July 26th and 27th -

The largest festival in Lafkos. On the eve of the festival there is a church service and “artoklasia” in the church of Saint Paraskevi. Afterwards there is a huge celebration with live traditional music. On the day of the holiday, there is another liturgy and at night the celebration continues in the town square.

- Festival of Holy Mary (Nativity of the Theotokos) September 8th, 9th& 10th -

The main church of the village, the Nativity of the Theotokos which is found in the town square, celebrates its name day.  In the evening of the day before the celebration there is a church service as well as the morning on the day of the celebration.  On all three nights there is a huge celebration in the town square with live traditional music.  


- Cutting of the Vasilopita January (moveable date) -

The managing council of the club hosts an annual event for the New Year with the cutting of the vasilopita (Greek New Year’s bread).  The event is hosted in one of the local taverns.   

- Christmas Bazaar -

On Christmas Eve, a huge celebration is organized in the village square.  The members of the cultural club along with the local children decorate the “tree of wishes” while listening to Christmas carols. Hot wine with honey and spices is served, along with fried bread with honey or local feta.