Traditional Bakery Of Ioannis Drositis


The traditional bakery owned by Ioannis Drositis from Lafkos, is found in a building which is said to be designed by the architect Evaristo de Chirico, however there is no written documentation regarding the design of the building because in 1918 a fire burnt all the documents in the town hall of Lafkos.  The owners know this information from Lianos Avgoustidis, a reporter from the island of Zakynthos who had conducted a magnificent report for the newspaper “Ta Nea” in 1993.

The bakery’s oven is unique and the last of its kind in Pelion being that it is of medium size with a “toufeki” (literally “gun”, a hole from which the fire comes and heats the inside of the oven).  It has a dome with 1,000 firebricks on its roof and 2,500 firebricks on its floor with stone slabs.  It has been operating nonstop since 1955.  

At the wood-oven bakery one can buy bread, handmade cheese-bread, olive-bread, tomato-bread, baklava, and cookies made with a large dose of both love and quality.